How it all began

I drove across the country, to Lake Constance, to Hamburg, to Rügen, to remote places, wherever my customers were. That's how I sold software with my own start-up. The rest of the team sat together while I was on the road. I like the work, the contact with the customers, the trust that was placed in me and the sense of achievement when a customer signed up.

One day I slept in my own bed again, on the outskirts of Berlin. I was lonely. I lay there alone on my bed and felt exhausted. I opened my laptop and scrolled through the internet in search of an event. The main thing was to meet people, everything else wasn't important at that moment. And that's when I came across the Kuschelraum in Berlin. Angeline and Rubem offer cuddle parties there. Oops, I thought, that was new to me. My interest was piqued and I read my way through the Kuschelraum website.

A few days later, I was at a cuddle party in the cuddle room, snuggled up with another dear human soul and time flew by. "It's coming to an end," Angeline said, and I could hardly believe that three hours had already passed. Wow! It felt like the best hours of the last six months. Over the next few months, I attended various cuddle parties and was delighted that something like this existed. But I was surprised that almost all the friends and acquaintances I told about my experiences had neither heard nor read about cuddle parties, just like I had before.
After the coronavirus pandemic broke out and my sales appointments were put on hold, I moved my base to Belarus and continued to build the company from there. The great times I had at the events often went through my mind in the months to come. Another year passed, the company was doing very well and it was time for me to leave. It was obvious what I would do next.

So I moved back to Berlin and started my passion project: cuddle events.
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