What happens at a cuddle event?

At a cuddle event, you will meet people who have the same concerns as you. People come to the events who long for closeness and connection, but who are also afraid of being rejected and who find it difficult to approach others and ask for touch. This is precisely why our cuddle events are designed to make it as easy as possible for you to come into conscious contact and touch despite your fears. In guided exercises, you will get to know the other participants, build trust and feel who you are more attracted to and who you are less attracted to. Together, we will try out what it is like to ask others for touch without being touched. This will be followed by exercises in which touching is allowed by consent. We will ask "May I...?" and "Would you...?". We treat each other with respect and emphasize the importance of self-care.

On our website you will find the schedule of our events and our 10 rules. At each event, the most important rules are explained in the welcome round and all participants are asked to agree to them by raising their hands. On this basis, we start with the exercises. Afterwards, you have time to turn to others and cuddle together. It is particularly easy if you approach a person with whom you have already felt a beneficial connection during the exercises. You can also simply take time for yourself, make yourself comfortable and relax. It may well be that someone approaches you and asks if you would like a massage or some other kind of touch. A cuddle event can be a special experience in any case, whether you like to cuddle or just have a cup of tea and make yourself comfortable with a blanket. You are always welcome back and every event offers new experiences with other lovely people who share the same wishes, fears and worries. You are warmly invited to our events, come and experience what words cannot describe. Much love.
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